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CPT June 2018 Exams Admit Cards

The admit cards for CPT exams June 2018 has been released. Hence, all the students who have registered for June 2018 exams should download their admit cards. Admit cards are hosted at Students are advised to download their admit cards and...

What is the retention period of GST accounts and records?

Retention period of GST accounts and records: Section 36 of the GST Act, contains provisions regarding retention period of GST accounts and records. Every registered dealer is required to keep and maintain books of account or other records in accordance with the...

TDS Rates for the Financial Year 2018-19

TDS rates determine the amount of tax to be deducted before making any payment to an assessee. Different tds rates have been specified depending on the nature of payment and the status of an assessee. Below we have stated all the tds rates for the financial year...

Income Tax Rates for the Assessment Year 2018-19

Income tax is calculated on the basis of tax slab specified. Different income tax rates are specified for different types of assessees. For example, individuals, companies, co-operative societies, partnership firms, etc. Find income tax rates for the assessment year...

Excel Shortcut Keys For Finance Students

Excel Editing Shortcuts for Windows and Mac Between the keyboard and the mouse, we always choose the latter, since we are used to the mouse. It may seem slower at first but as you get used to using keyboard shortcuts, you will realize that keyboard shortcuts are much...

Which ITR Should I File for AY 2018-19

Looking to file an income tax return? But since there have been so many changes in ITR forms this year you are not sure that "Which ITR Should I file for AY 2018-19?" Let us help you figure out which ITR you should file for the ay 2018-19. Below is a summary of which...

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