How to apply for certified copies/inspection of evaluated answer books?

Discussion BoardCategory: CA ExamsHow to apply for certified copies/inspection of evaluated answer books?
Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma asked 2 years ago

Can I apply for certified copies online? Can I apply for re-verification of answer sheets in the same application?

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AdminAdmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Students of CA FINAL AND INTER can submit their application for inspection/supply of certified copies of answer books, online only. Visit
However, CPT students can submit their application online as well as through a physical handwritten application.
And if you also want to apply for re-verification of answer books, you are required to apply separately for it. 
Certified copies will be delivered within 30 days from the date of submission of application.

Prashant TriparthyPrashant answered 2 years ago

Go to and fill the registration form pay the required fees. 
You will receive your answer copies in a couple of weeks. 
If you failed by a margin of upto 10 marks, you must apply for reverification. Maybe you pass after that. 
Yes, you need to submit separate application for certified copies and reverification. However, you must remember that reverification does not mean revaluation.

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