I want to quit CA. What other options do I have?

Discussion BoardCategory: CA ExamsI want to quit CA. What other options do I have?
Jitu Singhjitu singh asked 2 years ago

I am 25 years old and a CA final student who failed 5 times. I am very frustrated and I don’t want to continue with CA anymore. What other options do I have if I quit CA now?

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AdminAdmin Staff answered 2 years ago

I will start with an advice. Don’t quit CA after all these years. You are just one step away.

Since you have already appeared 5 times, you must have studied a lot and must be good in some of those 8 subjects. Yes, you failed 5 times, but that doesn’t matter. I know how frustrating it is. But can’t do much about it. That time has passed, it’s not coming back.

I have had people in my friend circles, who were very strong academically yet took 4–5 attempts to clear. So it is not uncommon.

So just plan your studies and go for single group per attempt.

Now let us come to what other options you have.

  1. Start Working: CA Inter pass students get jobs quite easily. Your salary will depend on work experience and knowledge. There are so many firms and multinationals hiring people from the field of finance. I have friends who left CA and earning quite a good amount of money. So you can too.
  2. Enroll for Another Course: You are just 25. I would suggest looking around for courses for finance students. For example MBA, DATA Scientist, Banking, Analyst, etc.
  3. Teaching: If interested you can teach other students from college or school. It will help you stay updated and your concepts will keep on refreshing.There are so many things you can do. Don’t be disheartened by these failures.

Start working somewhere and try to study one or two hours a day. Once you start going out you will find many ideas and options. Opportunities are limitless.
You will certainly pass your exams soon.

But, never sit idle. Keep doing something.

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